If you’re outgoing, energetic and love talking to people, ticket selling could be the Ibiza job for you. This role basically involves selling tickets to Ibiza visitors for clubs and events. You’ll be approaching holiday-makers you’ve never met before and convincing them that they’ll have the best night of their lives in the club you’re representing. If you think that sounds easy, you’re cut out to be a ticket seller. If not, this job certainly isn’t for you!

You need to be incredibly self-motivated in order to make good money out of this job. Many ticket sellers work in pairs in order that they have someone to bounce off, which is really handy because this job is not for the faint-hearted. Your sales patter needs to be down to a tee, and you have to be incredibly friendly and persuasive in order to achieve those sales. You also need to be able to pick yourself up and stay positive, no matter how many times customers turn you down.

Most importantly, you have to sell, sell, sell, because every time you do you’ll get €10 to €15 per ticket. If you do this job well, you could earn in excess of €500 per week, an income that will allow you to enjoy the Ibiza way of life in true style. Plus, the top ticket sellers often get the opportunity for big bonuses, fun team days and guest list access as extra motivation to blast through those sales targets.

Ticket Selling

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Ticket sellers also have the benefit of having the most favourable working hours; they’re on duty from around 11.30am in the morning to 6.30pm in the evening.

Basically, they come out to sell when the party-goers are up and about, which means they can enjoy the same late-night routine as their customers! After clocking off at 6.30pm you’ll have plenty of time to get your glad rags on and head out to the club. You might even be able to skip the queue and hit the VIP area up if your sales have been particularly good. After partying all night long there’s enough to time for a cushy lie-in before starting all over again the following day. For the motivated and energetic among us, ticket selling in Ibiza really is the life of Riley.

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