If you’re the one in your group of friends that is always the first to shout “Shots! Shots! Shots!” on a night out, then selling shots will be your ideal job in Ibiza. Sorry guys, this role is only for the ladies, so if you’re a girl with an outgoing personality and bags full of charm you’re certainly in the right place. As with many other Ibiza sales jobs you need to be persuasive, confident, and know how to engage. You’ll need to be able to make friends and have a gossip and a giggle with all the female customers, and have a cheeky flirt and bit of banter with the guys. Above all else, you’ll need to know how to convince people that the thing they absolutely have to have is whatever shot it is that you’re selling!

Shot girls tend to have pretty varied jobs as they’re often placed in a different bar each night. This is a great way to meet lots of new people as you’ll be working with different staff in each bar or club. Plus, it allows you to soak in the atmosphere of a wide range of different clubs without any entry fees – bonus! Since you’ll be immersing yourself in the party and hanging out with customers, you’ll be able to have a good dance and enjoy the music as you work which is always a plus for summer Ibiza workers.

Shot Selling

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You have to be a very sociable person in order to succeed in this job. You’ll be mixing with a really wide range of people and will need to be able to get along with all of them.

You need to be chatty, smiley and the life and soul of the party. If you are, then not only will you sell lots of shots but you’ll no doubt have plenty of fun whilst doing so! Plus, you can often have a few cheeky drinks on the side for free; just make sure that you don’t drink enough that you spill the shots before they reach the customers.

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