If customer service is top of your agenda or you know your way around a commercial kitchen, then restaurant work could be for you. No matter if you’re waiting staff, bar staff or kitchen staff, working at a restaurant is a great way to earn some cash in Ibiza and still have midnight until morning free to hit the clubs.

Restaurant jobs tend to require more of a professional demeanour than many other Ibiza professions. There’s absolutely no drinking on the job, you’ll always have to be really polite to customers, and you need to be able to focus and do your job properly and professionally at all times. If not, you won’t last long; restaurant jobs are in high demand and only those who are prepared to work hard will be hired. If you have some experience in waiting tables or customer service this will serve you well, as you’ll need to be able to cope in a fast-paced environment. You could be rushed off your feet and you’ll have to keep smiling, even with the most difficult of customers.

A great thing about restaurant work is that you usually get fed whilst you’re there. You can save quite a bit of cash by having your main meals on the house at work, which means you have more cash spare to spend on partying. Speaking of money, restaurant work isn’t necessarily the best paid, but earnings can depend on how well you do your job. Wages tend to be basic with tips on top, so if you’re able to charm your customers and provide an impeccable service you’ll be able to cash in and enjoy the extra money.

Restaurant Work

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If you’re planning on working in a restaurant be prepared to work hard and play hard.

During peak season you’ll be on your feet non-stop during each shift, and when doors close you’ll no doubt be sprucing up and heading straight out to enjoy the rest of the night. You need to able to bounce back each day in order to fulfil your work responsibilities and make the most of the Ibiza nightlife!

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