In the UK PR folks often spend their days in an office behind a computer screen, but in Ibiza you get to head to the street, experience the full party atmosphere and whip up excitement amongst potential customers! People in Ibiza who work in PR are responsible for getting people into bars and restaurants and convincing them to splash their cash on drinks and food. Usually you’ll stand outside a venue and engage with passers-by in order to encourage them to visit and spend, spend, spend.

PR work isn’t easy. It requires passion, motivation and confidence in order to get the customers in, but if you do it well you could earn fantastic money. Payment is usually based on commission, but sometimes employers offer a small basic wage plus commission on top. Either way, the more you sell the more you earn and in peak holiday season there’s potential to earn some seriously good money.

You do have to be resilient to work in PR. Lots of people you approach will knock you back or simply ignore you, and you need to know how to brush this rejection off and keep going; if you lose your confidence you simply won’t get any customers coming in. If you think you’re tough enough to handle that and charismatic enough to sweet-talk strangers, then PR is the role for you. Plus, if you genuinely love talking to people and you know how to engage well with new people, you’ll really enjoy the chats, laughs and banter you’ll have every single night.

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PR workers tend to work most nights, which means you won’t have as much free time to party as in other jobs.

However, most employers do provide free drinks whilst working so you could treat it as a pre-drinking opportunity! Once your bar or restaurant closes you’ll be free to head to your favourite club and party for as long as you want. Plus, you can spend the whole of the following day lazing around in the sun before the evening shift starts again – doesn’t sound bad, does it?

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