If you’re an experienced massage and beauty therapist and fancy making use of your skills whilst soaking up the sun, then you’re made to be an Ibiza massage girl.

This job is on the calmer end of the spectrum when it comes to working in Ibiza. You’ll mainly be working throughout the day, offering massages to customers beside the pool in a range of hotels around the island. This means that you have all night free to head out to bars and clubs and spend your hard-earned cash!

That doesn’t mean to say that massage girls have it easy. It’s really important that you know what you’re doing as you’ll only be hired if you’re a fully qualified masseuse with an NVQ Level 3 in Massage and Beauty. Plus, most massage girls are paid commission only, which means you have to work hard to get the customers to your treatment area. You need to be confident enough to approach groups of holiday-makers, friendly and charming enough to convince them to have a massage, and resilient enough to accept rejection when it comes and move on to the next potential customer. If you tick all these boxes, you’ll have no problems earning plenty of money. Plus, if you’re exceptionally good at what you do you may find lots of tips coming your way and a big bonus at the end of the season.

You’ll need to be ready for early mornings as a massage girl because your day tends to start at 9.30am so that you can target Ibiza party-goers who are lazing in the sun and rejuvenating themselves before their next night out. You’ll usually work 5 days per week and may be working in a different venue each day, so you must be prepared to be flexible and eager to meet lots of new people as you travel the island providing luxurious massages from one hotel to the next.

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Although you’ll need to be driven enough to achieve sales yourself, you’ll usually be given a certain amount of support from your employer who will provide a pop-up treatment area, oils and other massage products, and marketing materials such as leaflets and posters to help drive the customers to you.

Providing that you can back up these tools with a friendly smile, efficient sales patter and truly awesome massage skills, you’ll enjoy a well-paid and highly rewarding job all summer long.

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