So, you want to make it as an DJ? The good news is that Ibiza is a mecca for DJs, as long as you’re prepared to work incredibly hard to get to where you want to be.

DJs often have to play a lot of sets for free in order to get their foot in their door and build up a reputation. Even if you’re a successful DJ in the UK, you’ll still need to prove that you can work an Ibiza crowd before you’ll be offered paid work. You should approach venue owners and managers and offer your services for free initially, working your way up from the smallest bars first before tackling the big ones. You’ll need some savings or another job in order to do this, but if you work hard enough it will definitely pay off in the end; good DJs can earn hundreds or even thousands of Euros each night.

Ibiza is the place where the very latest in new music is showcased in the world’s very best clubs. If you manage to make it as a DJ here, you’ll have access to some of the freshest sounds and be a part of an incredible music scene. This will significantly enhance your skills and allow you to experience a plethora of different genres of music. However, it also means that you need to know your stuff. You need to be up on all the latest artists, tracks and trends, and you’ll have to make lots of friends in order to ensure you musical talents are noticed. A lot of the time getting paid gigs depends on who you know, so be prepared to schmooze and make contacts as you work your way up to the top.

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If you do succeed as a DJ in Ibiza, you’ll have the chance to rub shoulders with some seriously important and influential people in the music industry.

From club owners to producers and record label bosses, if you work hard and stay dedicated you’ll get chance to befriend some of these key players and really take your DJ career to another level. It’s definitely not easy and you have to prepared for rejection along the way, but if you’re resilient and prepared to learn you could go on to huge things after a stint in Ibiza.

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