If you know how to pull shapes and are looking for one of the best paid and most rewarding summer jobs available, you should become a dancer. Be prepared for some stiff competition though. There are a lot of girls all going for the same dancing jobs, particularly in the biggest and most famous Ibiza clubs, so you’ll have to be very good at what you do and prepared to wow at auditions.

Dancers help to create an exciting, alluring atmosphere which is why they have to look extraordinary and dance incredibly well. Many employers look for tall girls with striking looks, so you’re already onto a good thing if you tick these boxes. Having charm and confidence is also helpful as the more people you can befriend, the easier it will be to get access to jobs at the most sought-after venues. You may find yourself working in clubs, bars, on boats and at after parties, so be prepared to work long and late hours in a variety of locations.

Working as a dancer in Ibiza is incredibly tiring; performing non-stop for several hours on end is pretty tough, so you’ll need to be in good shape and prepared to push tiredness to the side in order to give it your best. There will always be another dancer prepared to take your place if you don’t give an incredible performance each night, so there’s no excuse for slacking.


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Most of the time you’ll be performing at night so you’ll be partying on the job, but let’s face it – that’s a plus! If you love the Ibiza atmosphere professional dancing is a great way to experience it to the full.

It’s a pretty glamourous job and you’ll regularly be invited to exclusive parties, both as a performer and guest, and will get the opportunity to rub shoulders with celebs, socialites and top DJs. Plus, since dancers are very much in demand they are paid extremely well, which means you’ll be able to enjoy a more indulgent lifestyle than many other Ibiza workers.

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