If you’re creative and know how to wield a paintbrush, body painting could be the perfect way for you to get to work on the party island. Most of your time as a body painter will be spent making party animals feel truly wild as they dress up to attend the renowned Zoo Project in Benimussa Park. You’ll be carefully painting on spots, stripes, fur and feathers to help excited people get dressed up as their party spirit animal.

Saturday will be your main working day, so be prepared to avoid late Friday nights in the club, or at least know how to deal with the aftermath the next day. You may also find yourself offering your services throughout the rest of the week; it’s Ibiza, folks love a bit of neon body paint every single day!

Body painters can get paid in a couple of different ways. Firstly, they can get a percentage of each job that they do. This means that, to a certain extent, you’re in control of how much you earn based on how many jobs you want to squeeze into your day. The second method is an hourly wage plus commission. You’ll get a guaranteed income with this method which many people like, plus a little commission for selling your skills well. However, the commission is often not as high as percentage-only setups, so you may not be able to earn quite as much cash with this method.

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It’s important to note that you really do need to have skill in order to succeed as a body painter in Ibiza.

Tourists who want some body art have two options – buy some cheap body paints and have a go themselves or invest a bit more cash and hire a pro. When they do the latter they really expect quality work, so you can’t get away with just picking up skills on the job; you need to have real creative talent! If you do, you’ll have no problem succeeding in this summer job, so get practicing your leopard spots and peacock feathers in order to bag yourself this role!

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