Ibiza Body Painting Jobs

If you’re creative and know how to wield a paintbrush, body painting could be the perfect way for you to get to work on the party island. Most of your time as a body painter will be spent making party animals feel truly wild as they dress up to attend the renowned Zoo Project in Benimussa Park. You’ll be carefully painting on spots, stripes, fur and feathers to help excited people get dressed up as their party spirit animal.

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Ibiza Ticket Selling Jobs

If you’re outgoing, energetic and love talking to people, ticket selling could be the Ibiza job for you. This role basically involves selling tickets to Ibiza visitors for clubs and events. You’ll be approaching holiday-makers you’ve never met before and convincing them that they’ll have the best night of their lives in the club you’re representing. If you think that sounds easy, you’re cut out to be a ticket seller. If not, this job certainly isn’t for you!

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Ibiza Bar Work

Ah, the classic Ibiza summer job – working behind a bar. This is one of the most sought after jobs on the party island and for good reason; it’s the best way to get fully immersed in the Ibiza nightlife. That is, of course, if they’re prepared for some truly hard graft. This is one of the messier jobs out there; you’ll be rushed off your feet, sweating buckets, and covered in spilled Sambuca, but as the experienced Ibiza bar workers out there will tell you, it’s all part of the fun.

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Ibiza PR Work

In the UK PR folks often spend their days in an office behind a computer screen, but in Ibiza you get to head to the street, experience the full party atmosphere and whip up excitement amongst potential customers! People in Ibiza who work in PR are responsible for getting people into bars and restaurants and convincing them to splash their cash on drinks and food. Usually you’ll stand outside a venue and engage with passers-by in order to encourage them to visit and spend, spend, spend.

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Ibiza Shot Selling Jobs

If you’re the one in your group of friends that is always the first to shout “Shots! Shots! Shots!” on a night out, then selling shots will be your ideal job in Ibiza. Sorry guys, this role is only for the ladies, so if you’re a girl with an outgoing personality and bags full of charm you’re certainly in the right place. As with many other Ibiza sales jobs you need to be persuasive, confident, and know how to engage. You’ll need to be able to make friends and have a gossip and a giggle with all the female customers, and have a cheeky flirt and bit of banter with the guys. Above all else, you’ll need to know how to convince people that the thing they absolutely have to have is whatever shot it is that you’re selling!

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Ibiza Restaurant Work Jobs

If customer service is top of your agenda or you know your way around a commercial kitchen, then restaurant work could be for you. No matter if you’re waiting staff, bar staff or kitchen staff, working at a restaurant is a great way to earn some cash in Ibiza and still have midnight until morning free to hit the clubs.

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Ibiza Dancer Jobs

If you know how to pull shapes and are looking for one of the best paid and most rewarding summer jobs available, you should become a dancer. Be prepared for some stiff competition though. There are a lot of girls all going for the same dancing jobs, particularly in the biggest and most famous Ibiza clubs, so you’ll have to be very good at what you do and prepared to wow at auditions.

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Ibiza Glass Collecting Jobs

It may not be the most glamourous Ibiza summer job out there, but glass collecting is still a great option if you’re keen to work on the party island. Why? Well it’s reasonably easy, requires no prior experience, offers a basic wage, and is a great way to get immersed in the Ibiza atmosphere when on a budget! If you dream of being in an Ibiza bar or club almost every night of the week, glass collecting is a pretty simple way to make your dream a reality, as long you don’t mind collecting empties along the way.

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Ibiza Gas Selling Jobs

There’s a new type of shot girl on the Ibiza scene at the moment, and she’s making everyone giggly and giddy. Gas selling are responsible for selling oxygen balloons. Oxygen is a legal high and gradually taking over the Ibiza scene as a fun alternative to shots (and the legal alternative to N02!). Just like shot sellers, gas seller have to be fun, flirty and friendly in order to do well in their job. You’ll be approaching people at random and encouraging them to buy, so you have to be charming and persuasive. You’ll absolutely have to be the life and soul of the party!

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Ibiza DJ Work Jobs

So, you want to make it as an DJ? The good news is that Ibiza is a mecca for DJs, as long as you’re prepared to work incredibly hard to get to where you want to be.

DJs often have to play a lot of sets for free in order to get their foot in their door and build up a reputation. Even if you’re a successful DJ in the UK, you’ll still need to prove that you can work an Ibiza crowd before you’ll be offered paid work. You should approach venue owners and managers and offer your services for free initially, working your way up from the smallest bars first before tackling the big ones. You’ll need some savings or another job in order to do this, but if you work hard enough it will definitely pay off in the end; good DJs can earn hundreds or even thousands of Euros each night.

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Ibiza Massage Girl Jobs

If you’re an experienced massage and beauty therapist and fancy making use of your skills whilst soaking up the sun, then you’re made to be an Ibiza massage girl.

This job is on the calmer end of the spectrum when it comes to working in Ibiza. You’ll mainly be working throughout the day, offering massages to customers beside the pool in a range of hotels around the island. This means that you have all night free to head out to bars and clubs and spend your hard-earned cash!

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    Getting a Job in Ibiza

    Sunshine, great music, and access to some of the most exclusive and exciting club nights and parties in the world; does this sound like your cup of tea? If so, then you’re made to be an Ibiza worker! There’s quite a range of summer jobs in Ibiza to suit different types of people; some are better paid than others, but all require a hell of a lot of hard work and dedication.

    Types of Ibiza Jobs

    If you’re looking for job that offers a basic wage, then you need to look for jobs in the service industry. Bar workers, glass collectors and restaurant staff all receive a basic wage plus tips from customers, so if you want a reliable income then aim for these jobs.

    For higher earning potential, look for commission-based jobs such as selling tickets, selling shots or PR work. Although income is not guaranteed, if you perform well you could earn in excess of €500 per week.

    Finally, if you want to be where all the glitz and glamour is, look for entertainment jobs in Ibiza. Dancers, parade workers and DJs are all in demand, but competition is high so you must be prepared to work very hard to succeed. If you do, you could earn fantastic money and have the opportunity to rub shoulders with the island’s most elite socialites.

    How to find a job in Ibiza

    The best way to get a job in Ibiza is to go to the island and get stuck in! You should arrive in late April or early May to be in with the best chance of success. You’ll need a winning CV and bags of enthusiasm in order to impress potential employers.

    The job scene in Ibiza is all about who you know; if you have friends in high places, you’re in a better position to be offered a job. Visit recruitment events, attend parties, make friends and introduce yourself to plenty of people in order get your name out there.

    At Ibiza Intro our worker packages are designed to give you the support and connections you need to succeed. We provide initial accommodation to get you settled, loads of advice on writing CVs and approaching employers, as well as exclusive access to some of the top employers on the island. All in all, we give you the best chance of becoming a successful Ibiza worker.

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