Whilst we love a good party at Ibiza Intro, we are all about practicality when necessary and the new Ibiza buses app is a great way to make sure that you can get to where you want to be when you are on the white isle, and get there on time.

The app is downloadable from the iTunes store for just 0.99EUR and clearly lists all the details of timetables for each bus route, as well as the stops along the way and how long each route takes.

Not just all about the day routes, the app also lists the all-important disco buses and ferries, allowing you to plan your nights efficiently without worrying about having to fork out expensive taxi fees, which, over the course of a full holiday, can rack up a rather large bill on an already expensive island.

The information from the maps generated through the app is available offline, meaning those who are terrified to be charged an arm and a leg for data roaming on Spanish soil don’t have to worry about having to connect this way.

Another great perk of the app is its comprehensive list of all of the beaches on the island, meaning you have every excuse to go and visit some of the most beautiful spots in Ibiza, especially as each listing comes complete with the details of the nearest bus stop. Spread your wings a little further than San An or Bora Bora for just one day and get a feel for the REAL Ibiza.

The Disco Bus part of the app is a dedicated section for clubbers and lists which clubs are on what route and has all of the information about each club all at the click of a button. This section is particularly helpful for those who haven’t visited Ibiza before – unlike many clubbing destinations, Ibiza’s nightlife isn’t in one place and has clubs quite literally scattered all over the island.

By getting to grips with the location of clubs and how to get to them, holidaymakers are eliminating the stress of not knowing where they are going or how to get there, making the trip more budget friendly and less inclined to run with any glitches.

For the final hoorah, the clever team behind the app have also added in a weather forecast bonus, meaning you will always know what days are best for topping that tan up and drinking San Miguel in the sun.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android phones now.