Every Ibiza worker should have a bucket list in mind before they even touch down on the island; things they absolutely have to do before the season is out and they’re on that plane back to the dreary UK. Not started planning yours yet? Don’t worry – we’ve got a few suggestions for you.

See the Sunset at Es Vedra Rock

Es Vedra is a small rocky island located to the south of Ibiza, and it’s well known to be a peaceful haven away from the madness of Ibiza itself. You can get boat trips out to it to explore its hidden coves and secret beaches, but one thing that is particularly spectacular about the island is being on it to witness the sunset. It will be a view you will never, ever forget, so be sure to do this at least once to make your time in Ibiza truly memorable.

See the Sunrise on Bora Bora Beach

Known as the ultimate party beach, Bora Bora has music playing and people dancing all through the night, and there’s nothing better than being on its white sands when the sun begins to rise. Not only do you get an incredible sense of achievement for partying all night long, but you get to see the beautiful sky light up with the rays of the morning sun. Heavenly.

Go to a Project London Party

Project London organises secret raves all over Ibiza every summer, and it’s a must that you manage to catch one of them! These old school style raves are in their most basic – and brilliant – form; there’s decks, a simple sound system, a generator for power, and hundreds of happy attendees going crazy to incredible music. Project London parties always have amazing worker community spirit as it tends to be workers who hear about the raves first, so be sure to find out all the details so you can be there to make some memories.

Crash an Exclusive Villa Party

Villa parties are big news in Ibiza at the moment because they are so much more laid back than club nights; there are literally no rules other than to have fun. As an Ibiza worker you’ll likely hear all the gossip about upcoming villa parties, so be sure to get bag yourself an invite to at least one.

Enjoy a Monday Night Circoloco

Circoloco is DC10’s trademark night, so it’s essential you get yourself down there on at least one Monday during your stay in Ibiza. The theme around the night is pretty much ‘anything goes’; it is designed to celebrate the Ibiza music scene in its rawest form and attendees are encouraged to totally lose themselves in the joy of the music. That’s exactly what you need after a long week at work.

Attend Shit Party at Zoo Project

Despite its name, Shit Party is actually totally epic and somewhere you HAVE to be. Held at the renowned Zoo Project, this huge outdoor party is meant for workers and therefore has an incredible party atmosphere. Dressing up is without a doubt essential, and although you have to pay an entry free you should know that this money goes to charity, which means you’ll be doing your bit for local causes and having a fantastic time.

Explore Es Canar Hippy Market

Nothing sums up the vivid colour and fun atmosphere of Ibiza like Es Canar Hippy Market, so make sure you take at least one Wednesday out to visit. It’s made up of over 500 varied stalls throughout the streets at Punta Arabi and has a wonderful 70s vibe. You’ll find colourful jewellery and artwork, handcrafted gifts, unique clothing and footwear and plenty of wonderful music.

Harness Your Inner Hippy at Benirrass Beach

The high-energy Ibiza that we know and love today wouldn’t be what it is without the help of party-loving hippies of the 60s and 70s, and although the island has a very different vibe now there are still plenty of hints of the hippies left! Benirrass Beach, which is a 10-minute drive from San Miguel, is best known for the drummers which descend onto its shores to create an incredible rhythmic atmosphere. Get yourself down there on a Sunday to experience the hippy vibe at its best.