Every worker who heads to Ibiza wants to enjoy the crazy party lifestyle without spending too much cash, but for some with particularly tight budgets there’s even more pressure to save money wherever possible. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve that will help you to enjoy the whole season even on a shoestring budget.

Work hard!

This kind of goes without saying, but if you plan to stay in Ibiza for the long run you absolutely have to work. Grab as many shifts as you can possibly can; not only will you be earning money, but when you’re at work you won’t be spending. If you throw yourself into the worker lifestyle you’ll quickly come to love heading to work; in many jobs you’ll get to enjoy great music and even a few drinks as you crack on with your shift, so you get to have fun, earn money and save all at the same time.

Buy food in supermarkets

If you’re on a tight budget, you just won’t be able to afford to eat out all the time. Instead, you should head to large supermarkets such as Mercadona and Lidl in order to stock up on cheap food. Sure, you’ll have to cook, but if you’re surrounded by great housemates you can take it in turns to handle dinner and save lots of money by making meals in bulk. If you do decide to treat yourself to a meal in a restaurant every now and then, look out for places that offer worker discounts or ask around amongst friends to see where you could bag some freebies.


The more people you befriend, the better your chances of working your way onto club guest lists. We have some direct links to some of the best clubs in Ibiza, so if you stick with us we’ll be able to hook you up with some amazing and affordable club nights. Aside from our connections, you should aim to socialise with as many different people as possible in order to hear about all the best parties and exclusive events. A big part of your Ibiza experience hangs off who you know, so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to new people all the time; the worker community is absolutely fantastic and you’ll always be welcomed with open arms by fellow working partygoers.

Get workers passes

When you book an Ibiza worker package with us we’ll be able to use our connections to sort you out with plenty of workers passes for free or discounted entry into clubs, and even discounted food and drink in some locations. Entry fees for clubs will quickly drain your budget if you pay full price, but by waving your worker status all over the place you’ll be able to stretch those Euros out to last as long as possible without missing out on all the most popular Ibiza club nights.


This is the golden rule of enjoying Ibiza nightlife on a budget; start drinking at home so that you only have to buy one or two drinks throughout the night to keep you topped up! You can buy alcohol from local supermarkets and prices are much cheaper than buying drinks in a bar or club. If you plan to head out to party right after your shift at work, make the most of any free drink perks you have on the job instead, but be reasonable; employers won’t take kindly to you drinking the bar dry or being hammered on the job!