One of the best reasons to work in Ibiza is to experience the party lifestyle even without lots of cash to hand. However, you will need some savings behind you to get settled in when you arrive on the island, and you’ll need to be clever with your money in order to make it last.

Planning a budget

Although the season begins in May, it’s unlikely that you’ll be bringing in any wages until the start of June. Your first few weeks will be spent looking for jobs and settling in, and even when you do start work you may not get paid until the following month depending on the type of job you do. We recommend you take a minimum of £1000 with you to keep you going over the first few weeks.

That doesn’t mean to say that you should blow all of your savings as soon as the first pay packet arrives. Working in Ibiza is a marathon, not a sprint, and you need to be smart with your cash to make sure that you have enough to last for the entire season. There could be unforeseen expenses here and there that your pay packet can’t cover, of if you’re commission based you could have a slow week and need some savings to fall back on. Be smart with your money and try to keep an emergency fund in case anything goes wrong.

It’s really easy to get swept up in the spirit of Ibiza and treat every day like a holiday. Do not fall permanently into holiday mode! Unlike the tourists, you have to think of the long term and consider rent, bills and other expenses. Enjoy a couple of days of excitement and freedom when you first arrive, but be sure to get your head into worker mode and treat your cash like you would at home – that means budgeting.

Ways to save money

You’ll no doubt want to eat out from time to time to sample some delicious Spanish cuisine, but chances are that you won’t be able to afford to do it every day. The best thing to do is head to supermarkets such as Mercadona, Lidl or Eroski to buy affordable food, and cook in your apartment. If you get on well with your housemates and you all have similar tastes and routines, you could arrange to have communal meals in order to save even more money – cooking in big batches always works out cheaper.

In terms of going out you’ll obviously have to spend a little bit of cash, but you can really make the most of your worker status to get some bargains. If you go with an Ibiza Intro worker package you’ll get lots of guest list access and passes for reduced or free entry to many clubs. Some employers may also provide these perks as extras to your salary, and you should really make the most of them. Plus, if you get heavily involved in the worker community and make plenty of friends, you’ll likely get invites to parties and club nights all over the place with waived or reduced entry fees.

Depending on the nature of your job in Ibiza, you may be able to have a few cheeky free drinks whilst you’re working. You should never get completely hammered on the job, but you may as well make the most of these freebies if you plan to go and party when your shift ends. You’ll be working incredibly hard all season and sometimes only for a very basic wage, so when it comes to free drinks and parties grab every opportunity with both hands and make the most of it.