There are loads of summer jobs in Ibiza, right? Right! I’ll have no problem getting a job, right? Wrong! Getting a job in Ibiza isn’t quite as simple as handing your CV in at a few bars and hoping for the best. Although there are lots of jobs out there, there is even more competition. Hundreds of people flock to the island every year for their chance to become a seasonal worker, so unless you get really lucky it’s unlikely that you’ll be handed the first job you see. However, with the right attitude it is definitely possible to beat the competition and land your dream Ibiza job.

Do you have the right attitude?

Working in Ibiza isn’t easy, but it is rewarding. If you’re prepared to tough out long shifts and intense working environments, you’ll be rewarded with an amazing party lifestyle. Employers only want to hire people who understand this principal and have the right work ethic. No matter what job it is you’re doing, from glass collecting to body painting, you need to be passionate, enthusiastic and ready work as hard as possible; if you are, you’ll significantly increase your chances of getting a job.

Are you good at what you do?

In order to be in with a chance against the competition, you’ll usually need to have some experience in the line of work you plan on going into in order to impress potential employers. Some jobs are harder than others and require more skills, qualifications or experience; for example a massage therapist must have the appropriate NVQ for the job, whilst a bar worker may be able to get by with just a bit of experience working in a pub. Make sure you have the right skills for the jobs you’re applying for, otherwise your CV simply won’t be taken seriously.

Do you know the right people?

Getting work in Ibiza is often about who you know; if you have a friend who can have a word with a potential employer, you do have a better chance of getting the job. If you’ve been to Ibiza before on holiday and have friends on the island, call in favours or ask them to pass your details on to others. If you don’t currently have any contacts, don’t fret. As long as you’re prepared to chat to anyone and everyone, and make plenty of friends when you first arrive, you should still be able to get in touch with people in the right places.

Are you willing to learn?

We give training to all of the workers on the Ibiza Intro package to help them increase their chances of getting a job. As long as you’re prepared to learn, these training sessions could really improve your skills. We’ll help you write an amazing CV that will impress Ibizan employers, and we’ll direct you towards the right people to talk to according to the line of work you want.

We also work exclusively with some of San Antonio’s leading employers and will give you chance to meet lots of them in a relatively small, intimate and friendly environment. This means you can socialise with them naturally without quite as much pressure and make a good first impression. A step up like this really could make the difference between getting hired in Ibiza, and having to head home; we’ll do everything we can to make your season a success.