Since Ibiza is so focussed on the tourist industry, it has really good transport links that you’ll be very grateful for when living there. Buses run to most of the key destinations to which you’ll want to travel, including many of the big clubs and resorts. You’ll also be able make use of the disco buses which run from June onwards and provide services from midnight to 6am to get clubbers home safely.

However, sometimes it’s good to have a little extra independence rather than relying on public transport which, if you travel a lot, can be expensive. The good news is that there are plenty of alternatives.


Mopeds are many workers’ travel option of choice in Ibiza because they’re small, reasonably cheap to run and really convenient for whizzing about all over the island. You can get summer rentals starting from around €200 per month with a three-month minimum contract. If you’re planning to be in Ibiza for roughly five months, it’s probably best to hire your moped during peak season when public transport is particularly crammed.

Since Spain is an EU country your driving license is perfectly valid in Ibiza. You’ll need to show this and perhaps one other form of ID, most likely your passport, when you hire a moped. Many rental companies also require a deposit which may be in the region of €500, so you may have to save up for this. You will get it back as long as nothing happens to the moped, which means you can look forward to a nice bit of extra spending money when your rental period is over!


If you don’t want to leave your beloved car back in the UK all season, it is possible to drive it over to Ibiza and continue to use it all summer long. The overall cost of driving a car from the UK to Ibiza is £800 each way; this includes ferries, tolls and fuel costs. It’s not exactly cheap, but if you’re heading to Ibiza with friends you could always split the costs between you. Based on four people in one car, you could end up paying less than for your flights, and you could stop off in various locations along the way to turn it into a fun road trip.

The best benefit of having a car is that it’s much easier to take longer trips; driving from the south of the island all the way up to north takes less than hour, so you have the freedom to go all over the place without being stuck on a bus for ages or paying a fortune for a taxi.

Workers taxis

If you ever need to get a taxi anywhere but don’t like the idea of paying hefty fares, you could always put some feelers out to see if you know anyone willing to be a worker taxi. These are basically your fellow workers who have driven their car over to the island and want to make some extra money in their spare time. Worker taxis tend to operate on a pretty informal basis, so if you find someone who does it, put their number in your phone for future reference and when you’re in need just give them a call to see if they’re willing to be on taxi duty.

Similarly, if you’re a worker with a car and want to earn a bit of extra cash on the side, you could let people know that you’re willing to be an unofficial taxi. You won’t be able to charge huge amounts of cash, but if you have some spare time it’s a great way to get some extra pocket money as well as meet lots of new people, and being connected is always important in Ibiza!