Although moving to Ibiza for five months is without doubt an incredibly fun experience, there are some serious and slightly boring details to think about, such as where you’re going to live. The place you live and those you live with really do make or break an experience in Ibiza, so it’s important to think carefully about what you want from your Ibiza workers accommodation. If you get it right and get in with some amazing roommates, you’ll have an incredible experience and memories to last a lifetime.

Find great housemates

The Ibiza workers package that we’ve put together gives you four weeks in our accommodation to help you get settled in to the Ibiza lifestyle; use this time to make plenty of friends and figure out who you’re going to live with. The worker community is close knit and friendly, but you don’t want to jump into living with people in the long term until you get to know them, so make the most of the first month to figure out who will be an epic housemate and who will drive you up the wall!

Always view accommodation in advance

This may seem like a no brainer, but you should always view a potential new apartment before you sign any contracts or pay a deposit. Photos can be deceiving and you won’t really know the size and quality of a place until you see it in real life. Even if your housemates have seen it and assure you that it’s perfect, you should really try and take a look yourself. Only you know where you’ll be happy to live, and the more boxes an apartment ticks for you, the better the experience you’ll have living there.

Think about bills!

With the Ibiza Intro package bills are included with your first month’s accommodation, which will help you save a bit cash and save you the hassle of dealing with extra costs. However, when you move out into your own rented accommodation you may have to pay bills separately from your rent. Check this with your potential new landlord first.

Budget for rent

Accommodation after the Ibiza Intro package will cost anywhere between €300-400 per month; you need to be sure your new job will cover this as well as bills and spending money. A lot of the fun of working in Ibiza is finding ways to party on a shoestring budget, but you still have to be confident you can at least pay rent to avoid getting in serious trouble with your new landlord.

Find your perfect location

Do you want to be close to your work for a quick commute, or far enough away that you can forget the madness for a couple of hours? Is it essential to have a beach within a 2-minute walk, or would you rather hang out in the suburbs? Can you afford the rental rates in the central tourist areas, or does your budget restrict your living options? Do you crave the hustle and bustle of the West End, or does the thought of living beside all that noise make you cringe? There are so many questions to ask yourself when it comes to choosing a location, so do plenty of research and visit as many different areas as possible to decide where you want to live. Having a month’s accommodation with the Ibiza Intro package gives you plenty of opportunity to do this.

Decide if you need air conditioning

It may seem like a minor thing to think about, but air conditioning (or lack of) in your apartment can really impact your comfort and happiness in your new accommodation. Feeling overheated, sweaty and uncomfortable can quickly make you frustrated, but then again if you tend not to spend too much time at home, the lack of air con may not be a problem for you. Apartments with air con may be more expensive, so you need to factor this into your budget when looking for accommodation decide whether it’s something you’re willing to compromise on.

Find a trustworthy landlord

We’ll be honest, there can be some less than honest landlords in Ibiza who will charge extortionate rates, fail to get things fixed when they break, and withhold security deposits for no reason at all. Of course there are some incredible landlords out there too, but it can be tough picking out the good from the bad unless you’re in the know. All of the landlords that we use have been supplying accommodation to us for years; we know them really well and can vouch that they’re great guys. Plus, when you come to moving out of your initial accommodation after the first month, we can give you our trusted recommendations to help you avoid the landlord from hell.