Many jobs in Ibiza require you to work five or six days every week, particularly in peak season, so it’s important to make the most of your days off and give yourself an opportunity to rest and recuperate. There is no better way of doing that then finding a sleepy, secluded beach and indulging in some peace and quiet! Here are 5 of our favourite hidden beaches and coves that make the perfect Ibiza worker’s getaway.

Cala Llentia

Located on the beautiful rocky island of Es Vedra, which is a mere boat ride away from Ibiza, Cala Llentia beach is incredibly tranquil and very secluded which is ideal for a day of peaceful sunbathing. You’ll need to walk down some craggy, rocky paths to reach it, but when you step down onto the white sands you’ll realise it was all worthwhile; it’s simply heavenly.

Es Portixol

If you fancy taking a trip up to the north side of the island then be sure to visit Es Portixol, a quaint little cove near Sant Mateu. Wear sensible shoes to tackle the 30-minute walk down to it; the terrain isn’t too tough but it can be uneven in some areas. No amount of photos could really do justice to the views you get as you make your way down to the cove, so this trip is a brilliant way for you to see Ibiza in all its stunning glory.

Cala d'Albarca

As long as you don’t mind a little bit of a hike – don’t panic, it’s only an hour! - then a trip down to Cala d’Albarca is right up your street. After meandering down some narrow paths you’ll come across a spectacular little cove that is incredibly quiet and relaxing. Although you’ll be pushed to find some sand, you can throw down a towel and bask on the larger rocks when you want to dry off after taking a little dip in the beautiful blue sea.

Agua Blanca

This beautiful beach is named as such as result of strong winds along the Ibiza coastline which manage to whip up the sea into “white water,” so if you want to find a secluded beach with fresh breezes to revitalise your mind, Agua Blanca is the one to choose. Although the main beach here is spectacular, the real hidden gem is a satellite beach towards the southern end which can only be reached by swimming or paddling through the sea. It feels like a real adventure getting to this secret cove, so it’s a must for those who love to explore.

Punta Galera

On the west coast of Ibiza lies the wonderful flat rocks of Punta Galera, where you’ll find awesome views aplenty and some much needed peace and quiet. Although a little more well-known than most of Ibiza’s other hidden beaches, those who visit the area are all in the same position as you; they want some R&R and won’t be disturbing the chilled atmosphere any time soon! You may not be able to find yourself completely alone at Punta Gallera, but due to the craggy nature of the area it’s pretty easy to find a secluded spot to lay back and relax in.