When you land on that airport runway, you’ll no doubt be super excited about the long season ahead of you, but you shouldn’t start celebrating just yet! The hard work begins with securing a job. There is so much competition for jobs every single year in Ibiza, as there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people just like you competing for a limited number of positions. To give yourself the very best shot, follow these six simple rules.

Get there early

The main season in Ibiza runs from May to the end of September, with high season spanning June to August. Employers begin hiring any time after late April, so the earlier you get there the higher your chances of getting a job. Those who are looking for jobs which offer basic wages, for example bar and restaurant workers, should really be on the ball and aiming to arrive in April. Other professions such as ticket sellers and PR workers can get away with waiting an extra couple of weeks and arriving at the start of May.

Since May is when most workers arrive in Ibiza, it is the time for the very best workers’ parties. At this point many jobs haven’t even started and those that have are reasonably quiet. By arriving on the island early you not only increase your chances of getting a job, but you’ll also get to blow off some steam and have some incredible raves before too many tourists arrive.

Be prepared

There’s quite a bit to learn about working in Ibiza, and even if you see yourself as a pro at bagging jobs back home in the UK, you’ll still need to prepare yourself for the way things work in Ibiza. You’ll be working in fast-paced and highly competitive industries, so you need to know exactly how to sell yourself and impress employers. Part of our Intro Week package is providing you with all the training you need to get your dream job. We’ll show you how to craft a winning CV, how to make contacts in the right places, and we’ll even introduce you to some exclusive employers to give you that extra push towards success.

Do not turn up drunk to an interview

This should really go without saying but we’ll do it anyway: don’t ever turn up drunk to an interview! It’s true that plenty of jobs in Ibiza allow you to drink whilst you work, but you need to be able to prove you can do the job in order to be given that privilege. No employer will ever put up with someone who gets totally trashed when they’re working, and turning up drunk to your interview really doesn’t make the best first impression. You need to prove you’re serious about the job, so save the drinks until after you get it!

Stand out from the rest

Do you have special skills or particular experience that makes you better than the competition? Do you have a party trick or winning sales patter that will bring the customers crowding around you? Are you simply a loveable soul who will charm employers and customers alike? Whatever it is that makes you different, make it known right from the start to ensure you get noticed by the right people.

Be confident

You won’t get anywhere in Ibiza without a big smile and a whole bunch of confidence. If you have faith in yourself that you can get a job and do it well, then you’ll exude confidence and be more likely to succeed. Don’t be afraid to approach employers and make your voice heard as they’ll really admire and remember you for it.

Research the company

An employer needs to know whether you’ll fit in with their company ethos and atmosphere; if you don’t, they just won’t hire you. Researching a company in advance of making an application will allow you to adjust your skillset and attitude to fit in with the company’s needs. If an employer thinks you’ll fit into their team well and enhance their reputation, they’ll want to hire you.