Cafe Del Mar is located in San Antonio and has been a favourite destination amongst locals and tourists alike since it first opened its doors in 1980. Designed by famous Calatan architect, Lluis Geell, it offers a fantastic atmosphere and serves a range of delicious cocktails, lagers and wines to suit all tastes. Cafe Del Mar also boasts a stunning view – overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Great food is also standard at Cafe Del Mar with sushi and pizza on the menu as well as other great dishes.

A big part of what makes Cafe Del Mar is its association with ambient music. Combined with the stunning surroundings, the music being served up by the DJ in the bar offers a unique experience. Another reason Cafe Del Mar is a famous name when it comes to ambient and electronic music is because of it's annual compilation albums that it's been putting out since 1994. These albums are some of the best chill-out compilations to be found and make a perfect addition to any music collection.

Cafe Del Mar is particularly popular with those who are looking for a more chilled experience in Ibiza. The beautiful setting and relaxing music make it perfect for those who want to unwind in the best way possible. Whilst it's popular at all times of day, it's particularly busy in the evening when people gather there to witness the stunning sunsets on San Antonio beach. There are few experiences that can match this and it's something everyone who visits Ibiza should experience at least once.

There have been many beach bars that have popped up over the years, inspired by the success of Cafe Del Mar but none have been able to replicate the truly unique experience that it offers.