About Us

Powered by pure passion for Ibiza and everything that entails, Ibiza Intro is a one stop shop for all that you could possibly need whilst on the white isle.

Our team comes with over ten years of experience in the Ibiza entertainment industry, making our hands not only safe, but knowledgeable. We have built up a stellar reputation and our contacts, connections and sheer love for what we do allows us to meet whatever requirements you may have with ease and a big smile on our faces.

About Ibiza Intro

Not just here for the holidaymakers, we also work alongside the workers on the island and pride ourselves on being a new generation travel company that is based on a genuine desire to help Ibiza continue to thrive as a holiday destination, as well as ensure that the people who visit get the very most out of their trip.

Whether you are looking to book a memorable VIP experience, get the best table in a club, organise entry for a gang of mates into one of the clubs or simply need a bit of advice and pointing in the right direction, our team is always on hand to help.

Our service is simple: we aim to make your experience with us as smooth sailing as possible by working with a fun and upbeat attitude, paired with quality service that is never governed by a price tag.

When working with tourists and workers, we have a core set of values that we adhere to, which ensures that we meet the same standards time and time again for everybody we work with.


  • We are the only working holiday company that only focuses on  Ibiza – genuine experts in our field, we know what are talking about and know how to help you survive when working on the island
  • We have developed strong links with the leading employers in San Antonio, meaning we can push you forward for jobs based on recommendation and our reputation
  • We can help to provide a genuine Ibiza Worker experience with information leaked through about all of the underground villa/ after parties, ensuring that you have the summer of a lifetime and don’t miss out on memorable moments.
  • We can help to find fully furnished apartments for reasonable rents that are shared with likeminded people
  • We don’t expect you to go it alone and we will instantly throw you in with a new bunch of friends
  • We are completely focused on securing everybody that comes to Ibiza with us a job that they enjoy and can sustain their Ibizan lifestyle – our commitment to you doesn’t just stop once you get here, we become a team from the offset

Tourist Packages:

  • We create quality packages that don’t correlate with cost
  • We work directly with the clubs and cut out the middle man; we can get entry to Space, Amnesia, Pacha, DC10, Sankeys, Ocean Beach and Ibiza Rocks
  • We offer some of the best accommodation on the island without expecting you to blow the bank
  • We throw you in to party with likeminded people who are looking for the same good time as you